Listen to my words……

Everyone. Shut your mouthes, open up your ears. listen to the words I have to say. These words are whats left of my soul and what I want to pass through to you.

Look at me. What do you see? a girl who succeeds? A girl who does what she is told? A girl with no problems?

If you agree with these or speak of similarities you aren’t looking deep enough. You are just seeing the outer layer. You are just seeing the mask.

Are you still listening? Good, now look deeper. Below that thin opaque top layer. Having trouble finding a hole in the mask? Try looking me in the eyes, you will see the only evidence on that top layer of all the pain I’ve previously suffered. Can you still not tell where my mask has been chipped at time and time again. Can you not hear it in my voice as I speak. Listen closer, you will hear the crackling of a person who has trusted too much.

Now once again, look deeper. What do you see? Do you see a girl who hates herself? Do you see a girl who fails more than she succeeds Do you see a girl who is in so much pain that she constantly needs to numb herself from reality?

If you still can’t see that, especially after all this. You are either A. Oblivious or B. Not looking hard enough.

But If you do see this you have two options. Option 1, let me be. Watch me fall into a never ending pit of self destruction which could lead to my ultimate demise. Or you can go to option 2, help me. Break the cycle of self-loathing and despair. Save me from the darkness that is slowly attempting to engulf me.

Don’t be like the  ones who have given up hope on me. Don’t see who troubled I am and then walk away. You have the power to help change the outcome of something seemingly written in stone.  Can you help save me from myself.

-Kathleen Sullivan



for real though, personal posts get a bad rap

like i will see people apologize for making a lot of them and i’m just


a) it’s YOUR blog, you can recite the greek alphabet one post at a time if you really want to

b) you don’t owe your followers shit

c) personal posts are fucking interesting, man. if i am following a blog i am okay! with knowing about the person behind that blog! nobody’s gonna begrudge you having a life outside the intermajig and talking about it.

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There is no escape from this. 

….. fuck.


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worst pain imaginable

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In honor of the two conflicting holidays


In honor of the two conflicting holidays

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you’re a 10? on the pH scale maybe

cuz u basic


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I love to see children who are so delicate and gentle with animals.  It warms my heart amidst a sea of brats pulling cats’ tails and getting whacked.


I love how she reaches up on her tippy toes to snuggle into his shoulder.

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the cold never bothered me any- 


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